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L2 Raven is a new lineage 2 high 5 server x500. Our target is to provide the best gameplay around. We’ve been players for years, we are aware of how the game works, how the community wants the server to be. We're planning for a long-term server, a server that people will feel it’s their home.
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Welcome to L2Raven – PvP Lineage II Server. We are glad to have you around and we hope you will enjoy playing with us.

How To Connect

Steps to login

1) Download Lineage II High Five Client.
2) Download L2 Raven Patch.
3) Copy the content of L2 Raven patch and paste it into Lineage 2 folder.
4) Execute the game from system folder–>l2.exe
5) Create an account, create a character and you’re good to go. (Auto Create Accounts)



Download Lineage II High Five Client.




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