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    23 Jul 2017
Before reading these rules, understand that these rules are not totally inclusive. So just because it isn't listed here, doesn't mean that your actions aren't illegal. If you find yourself wondering if what you are doing is allowed, just post a question on the forums to find out. Rather than doing it and receiving a punishment. These rules are not specific to just the forums or just the game, they govern all activities relating to Raven.
Raven Rules
  1. When interacting with any member of the Raven community, whether a player, moderator, game master or administrator, be respectful and appropriate. Especially when interacting with Raven staff, treat them how you wish to be treated. The forums and game are designed to bring the community of Raven closer together, we will not tolerate behavior that exceeds what can be reasonably be expected for a player of a MMORPG.
  2. Do not harass or badger anyone in the staff. (This includes asking for items, in-game help, requesting to be a helper in an event and so on) They are there to support you, not to hand feed you or to be your slave. If you have a legitimate reason to contact a staff member and they are unavailable or not replying, feel free to post your issue/question on the forums. Other players are just as useful a resource as staff members, especially if the question or issue is regarding game knowledge or content.
  3. Do not impersonate a staff member, do not pretend to be affiliated with the administration team of Raven. 
  4. Do not use the GM crest, do not use or refer to anything regarding server administration when you create your clan/alliance name.
  5. Do not shout in-game for a Game Master or other staff members to open your petition. This will not increase the chances that your petition will be answered any sooner. Be patient and wait for your petition to be answered. The best option is to post your question/issue on forums.
  6. Submitting a petition in-game is to be used only for urgent and immediate gaming issues. Since your definition of urgent likely differs from our definition, we kindly request that you use the appropriate categories when submitting your petition as well as include as much information as possible. Submitting a petition that lacks any information or regards something that can easily be answered via a forum post will be rejected and not answered.
  7. In order to maintain a clean forums, that is encouraging and inviting to new players, the staff of Raven might delete or move posts/comments and any other media that disrupts the friendly game atmosphere that we wish to create.
  8. Posting real life identifying content such as (Facebook links/photos, twitter accounts, phone numbers, street addresses, personal information relating to immediate family or relatives) is prohibited without the individual's permission. Celebrities and public figures are the only exception. Although remember this forum is about the game, it is not a gossip forum.
  9. When posting on a topic, try to add something useful. Whether it is an alternative opinion, supporting opinion with evidence or comment that introduces another viewpoint, be constructive and supportive of your fellow players. Do not post irrelevant comments, do not spam, do not post inappropriate content (rape, gore, sexual content, generally NSFW content).
  10. Do not posting anything (whether on forums or in-game) that advertises another server, another game,  etc.
  11. Players are responsible for their account safety and security. Be aware that many net cafes can have key loggers and other information retrieval software installed on the PC. So be absolutely sure you are safe/secure before using any PC whether in a net cafe or elsewhere. (Account recovery, item recovery, item tracking, trade logs and so on cannot be requested by players.)
  12. Buying and selling characters or in-game items for anything else than in-game currency is strictly prohibited. You can use the character trader NPC if you wish to trade your character to another player. Do not message or contact the staff about trading characters.
  13. Feeding players PvP points, or Fame is prohibited.
  14. Each player is permitted one active character and one passive character in-game at any time. Active meaning, farming, pvping, participating in events and such. Passive meaning, limited to only peaceful town zones, can be used for offline shop, trading and such.
  15. Botting, 3rd party macroing, and dualboxing or any form of multiboxing is strictly prohibited. When you are playing on Raven, you are expected to be behind the computer at all times. Any movement by your character that is not strictly controlled by your physical movement of your mouse and pressing keys on your keyboard is not allowed. Tip: When you go to the bathroom or to get a drink of water, sit down and stop whatever you are doing in-game.
  16. Most importantly! Have fun and enjoy Raven!
Our staff is experienced and professional, their judgement is final. If you are found to be in-violation of any of these rules, they can punish you as they see fit.